Unlocking the Aries Ascendant: A Personal Guide by Sahil Kohli

Unlocking the Aries Ascendant: A Personal Guide by Sahil Kohli

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As an astrologer, I've always found the Aries Ascendant, or Mesha Lagna, particularly fascinating. It's not just a marker of personality but also a map of life. In my recent video, I explored this concept in depth, and I'd like to share some insights here.

Aries Ascendants are naturally active, almost like athletes. This stems from their intrinsic need to compete and excel. The first house in their horoscope, representing the ascendant, is crucial. It shows which sign was rising from the Eastern Horizon at your birth. This positioning significantly influences your life approach.

The planets in the 12 houses of your horoscope define various life aspects. For Aries Ascendants, this brings a mix of positive and negative results, but the baseline of their personality and thinking process remains constant. The presence of Mars, the ruling planet, instills a competitive and energetic nature.

Your family life, for example, is greatly influenced by Venus, which rules the second house for Aries Ascendants. This often results in a strong sense of pride and sensitivity about family legacy. Communication with siblings and neighbors, governed by Mercury in the third house, is also significant, though it often revolves around competitive undertones.

The fourth house, representing motherly love, shows a deep emotional connection with mothers. The position of the Moon can offer more detailed insights here. Aries Ascendants also have a unique approach to parenting, guided by the Sun's influence in the fifth house. They often adopt a competitive and somewhat strict parenting style.

Professionally, Aries Ascendants excel in environments that challenge them, thanks to Saturn ruling their tenth house. However, they may face hurdles and need to work hard to achieve success. Once a position of authority is attained, Saturn's influence helps maintain it, though there can be delays along the way.

Religiously and spiritually, Jupiter's rule over the ninth and twelfth houses brings about a strong, often adamant adherence to personal beliefs. This can manifest as a proud and vocal expression of one's religious identity.

In conclusion, understanding your Aries Ascendant can provide profound insights into your personality and life path. If you're curious about how your ascendant influences your life or seek personalized advice, feel free to reach out or leave a comment. Stay tuned for more ascendant-focused content, and don't forget to subscribe and like the video for more astrological insights.


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