Neech Ka Rahu: How To Confirm If You Have Debilitated Rahu?

Learn how to identify and manage the effects of Neech Ka Rahu in your kundli. Discover the five key aspects to check, the impacts of different conjunctions, and powerful remedies to mitigate negative effects. Visit for detailed insights.
Neech Ka Rahu: How To Confirm If You Have Debilitated Rahu?
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Today, we delve into the concept of Neech Ka Rahu, or debilitated Rahu, and explore how to identify its presence and effects in your kundli (birth chart). Rahu, also known as the North Node of the Moon, is a shadow planet that plays a significant role in Vedic astrology. Its placement can influence various aspects of your life, especially when it is in a debilitated state. We will discuss how to determine if Rahu is Neech (inferior) in your kundli, the potential impacts, and the remedies to mitigate its negative effects.

What is Neech Ka Rahu?

Neech Ka Rahu refers to Rahu being in a debilitated or weak position in your birth chart. This condition can lead to various challenges and obstacles in life. To accurately determine if Rahu is debilitated, you need to examine five key aspects of your kundli:

  1. House Placement: Identify which house Rahu is sitting in.
  2. Planetary Conjunctions: Check which planets are in conjunction with Rahu.
  3. Degrees of Rahu and Conjunctions: Analyze the degrees of Rahu and its conjunctions with other planets.
  4. Nakshatra: Determine which nakshatra Rahu is occupying and whether it is favorable.
  5. D9 Chart (Navamsa): Examine Rahu’s position in the D9 chart for a deeper understanding.

Only by considering all these factors can you make an informed conclusion about the effects of Neech Ka Rahu.

House Placement and Effects

The house in which Rahu is placed in your kundli can significantly influence its impact. Here’s a detailed analysis of Rahu’s effects based on its house placement:

  • 7th House: Rahu in the 7th house can lead to unstable relationships and potential divorce. If Rahu is in a negative rashi (zodiac sign) and a negative nakshatra, and if its degrees form a weak conjunction, it exacerbates these issues.
  • 4th House: Rahu in the 4th house can cause domestic strife and a lack of peace at home. It may lead to frequent quarrels, making you feel uncomfortable and unsettled at home.
  • 8th or 12th House: Rahu in these houses, especially in a negative rashi and nakshatra, can indicate a likelihood of facing imprisonment at some point in life. This placement also brings about sudden and unforeseen challenges.
  • 9th House: Rahu in the 9th house weakens your luck and overall success. It can cause significant hardships before the age of 48, with potential improvements only later in life.

Conjunctions and Their Impact

The conjunction of Rahu with other planets can create specific yogas (astrological combinations) that have distinct impacts. Here are some notable ones:

  • Sun (Surya): This conjunction, known as Surya Grahan, leads to a lack of respect from society, potential scandals, and health issues such as vitamin D deficiency and skin problems.
  • Moon (Chandra): Known as Chandra Grahan, this yoga causes mental instability, negative thoughts, and a lack of confidence.
  • Mars (Mangal): The Angarak Yoga formed by this conjunction can result in aggression, frequent conflicts, and a higher risk of accidents.
  • Mercury (Budh): Jadavta Yoga, resulting from this conjunction, can disrupt mental clarity, making it difficult to perform analytical tasks and maintain stability in thoughts.
  • Jupiter (Guru): The infamous Guru Chandal Yoga leads to poor decision-making, instability in business, and a drift from spirituality.
  • Venus (Shukra): Lampat Yoga, caused by Rahu-Venus conjunction, results in problematic sexual desires and tendencies towards infidelity and substance abuse.
  • Saturn (Shani): Shrapit Yoga or Shrapit Dasha, resulting from this conjunction, brings extreme struggles and hardships, making life a continuous battle without adequate rewards for your efforts.

Analyzing Degrees and Nakshatras

It is crucial to analyze the degrees of Rahu and its conjunctions with other planets. The strength of these conjunctions depends on the degree proximity. Furthermore, the nakshatra (lunar mansion) in which Rahu resides also plays a vital role. A favorable nakshatra can mitigate some negative effects, while an unfavorable one can amplify them.

Position in D9 Chart (Navamsa)

The D9 chart, or Navamsa, is an essential tool in Vedic astrology for understanding the deeper, more subtle influences of planetary positions. Analyzing Rahu’s position in the D9 chart can provide insights into its true strength and potential impacts on your life.

Practical Indicators of Neech Ka Rahu

To determine if Rahu is truly giving negative results, consider these practical indicators:

  • Stable Business: If you are successfully running a stable business, it suggests that Rahu is not significantly negative in your kundli.
  • Harmonious Relationships: Good relationships with siblings, parents, or close relatives indicate that Rahu is not adversely affecting you, despite its house placement.
  • Hardships and Rewards: If you face continuous hardships without proportional rewards, Rahu might be negatively influencing your life.
  • Belief in External Negativity: A belief that others are causing your misfortunes, or feelings of being under a spell, can be a sign of Neech Ka Rahu.

Remedies for Neech Ka Rahu

If you confirm that Rahu is debilitated and negatively impacting your life, consider these powerful remedies:

  • Amavasya Ritual: On every Amavasya (new moon day), take three coconuts, spin them anticlockwise, and throw them into a river. This ritual is believed to mitigate Rahu’s negative effects.
  • Chanting Mantras: Chanting the Rahu mantra “Om Bram Breem Broum Sah Rahave Namah” 108 times daily can help pacify Rahu.
  • Donating Black Blankets: Donating black blankets to the poor can improve Rahu’s disposition and bring positive changes in your life.
  • Worshiping Lord Shiva: Regularly worshiping Lord Shiva can help counteract the negative effects of Rahu, bringing stability and peace.


Understanding Neech Ka Rahu and its implications in your kundli is crucial for addressing the challenges it may bring. By thoroughly analyzing Rahu’s house placement, conjunctions, degrees, nakshatra, and position in the D9 chart, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of its impact. If confirmed as negative, employing the suggested remedies can help mitigate its adverse effects, leading to a more balanced and prosperous life.

For a detailed analysis and personalized guidance, visit There, you can find in-depth articles and tools to help you better understand your kundli and manage the influences of Rahu and other planets.

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