What is Kundli? Know with AstroIndia

Ever wondered what’s in your Kundli? Well, don’t worry, we at Astro India will tell you what the celestial world has written for you.
What is Kundli? Know with AstroIndia
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Originating from India, Kundli, also known as the birth chart, natal chart or Janam Kundli is based on the Vedas, a fundamental component of Vedic Astrology. It is a practice that analyses the positions of celestial bodies during one’s birth to interpret its influence on their life journey.

In simpler terms, Kundli is a pictorial representation of the cosmic configurations, displaying the positions of planets, stars and other celestial bodies at the time of birth. It consists of twelve houses, each symbolising a different aspect of life, a cosmic blueprint interpreting one’s fate. 

Why Calculate Kundli?

Calculating Kundli is important to access the cosmic insight encoded in a person’s birth chart. Once you chat with astrologers to create a personalised Kundli chart, they precisely establish the placements of celestial bodies at the time of birth which then leads to self-discovery, personal growth and spiritual evolution. 

Here’s why calculating kundli is important: 

  1. Kundli allows you to learn about your personality traits, strengths, limitations and life purpose
  2. It navigates through life’s obstacles, opportunities and milestones with ease and confidence
  3. Reading Kundli helps you understand how cosmic influences shape many parts of your life, from relationships and health to spirituality
  4. It provides you the power to align with your destiny and realise your full potential 

Interpreting Kundli For: 

  • Marriage Matching: Kundli is important in marriage matching as it allows astrologers to assess compatibility between prospective spouses based on their horoscopes. Matching Kundlis aids in determining marital harmony, probable problems and general compatibility between a couple.
  • Map of Life: Interpreting Kundli serves as a road map for navigating life’s obstacles, chances and milestones in one’s life. It reveals insights into their personality traits, strengths and weaknesses to overcome and work out for in future. 
  • Career Guidance: By reading the karmic patterns astrologers provide insights into one’s viable career choices, professional prospects and potential challenges. They analyse the planetary positions in the Kundli and suggest informed decisions that match their talents, objectives and probable future success. 
  • Health and Well-Being: The positions of planets in the Kundli can also provide information about an individual’s health and well-being. Astrologers can identify potential health hazards and predispositions to specific disorders and prescribe preventive measures or potential cures to maintain good health. 
  • Financial Outlook: Chat with astrologers for a financial outlook from your Kundli provides insight into one’s wealth accumulation and investment potential. Individuals can make sound decisions about investments, savings and wealth management if the grasp the planetary factors that influence their financial concerns. 
  • Educational Pursuits: Kundli provides information about an individual’s academic interests, intellectual capabilities and educational pursuits. It assists individuals in identifying their areas of interest, learning styles and academic strengths. This makes it easier to make informed choices on educational routes that are matched to one’s talent and destiny. 

What Does Reading Kundli Mean?

Reading a Kundli means a thorough examination of planetary positions, aspects, conjunctions and other celestial elements that influence one’s life. Here’s a summary of the various aspects involved when interpreting one’s Kundli:

  • Calculation and Structure: Calculations in Kundli are based on an individual’s exact birth date, time and birth location. Its structure comprises twelve houses, each representing a different aspect of life. Overall it calculates and creates a structure to gain insights into personality traits, relationships, career prospects, health, wealth and spirituality. 
  • Planetary Positions: A Kundli reads the positions of the sun, moon, planets and other cosmic bodies in the astrology signs at the time of one’s birth. The placement of each planet in different houses and signs has a distinct impact on many areas of a person’s life and personality. 
  • Connections and Conjunctions: When you chat with astrologers, they study the connections between planets and their conjunctions in the birth chart. These aspects illustrate how planets interact with one another, impacting various elements of life and forming certain combinations (yogas) that might have auspicious or challenging outcomes.
  • Dasha System: The Dasha system is used to calculate the time and duration of planetary phases in one’s life. Dashas represent the unfolding of certain influences and events connected with planets to provide information about the timing of major life events and potential transitions.
  • Predictive Analysis: If you chat with astrologers, they use Kundli to forecast one’s personality traits, job choices and possibilities, relationships, health and life events. They provide a direction through predictions by identifying strengths, problems and opportunities. This allows you to negotiate through life’s complications with clarity and foresight. 

Astrologers may also prescribe remedies based on Kundli analysis, such as gemstone recommendations, mantra recitations, rituals or particular acts to minimise negative influences and increase favourable outcomes. These prescriptions can be used to align with auspicious planetary forces and overcome the barriers in life. 

Influential Houses in Kundli

A Kundli comprises of twelve houses, each symbolising a different facet of life or experience. Here’s how the twelve houses are divided by their significance: 

  1. Lagna Bhava: The first house represents ego, physical appearance, temperament and general identity
  2. Dhana Bhava: The second house is associated with riches, belongings, family lineage, speech and values
  3. Sahaj Bhava: The third house is responsible for communication, siblings, skills, short voyages and courage
  4. Sukh Bhava: The fourth house symbolises home, family, emotional security, ancestral property and inner bliss
  5. Putra Bhava: The fifth house is associated with children, creativity, love affairs, intellect and speculative endeavours
  6. Ripu Bhava: The sixth house oversees health, service, conflicts, foes and everyday labour routines
  7. Kalatra Bhava: The seventh house represents marriage, partnerships, legal contracts, business ties and public image
  8. Randhra Bhava: The eighth house interprets longevity, metamorphosis, inheritance, occult knowledge and unexpected happenings
  9. Dharma Bhava: The ninth house oversees beliefs, higher education, spiritual pursuits, long-distance travel and philosophical attitude
  10. Karma Bhava: The tenth house reflects on career, reputation, social standing, authority, karma and public acknowledgement
  11. Labha Bhava: The eleventh house is associated with income, gains, aspirations, friendships and older siblings
  12. Vyaya Bhava: The twelfth house represents expenditure, losses, loneliness, spirituality, the subconscious mind and release

Once you chat with astrologers, you can see that they read through every house to provide personalised advice and predictions. All of these are based on planetary placements within these houses that then tailor the specific circumstances and life journeys.

How to Calculate Kundli? 

The calculation of Kundli involved various processes such as determining the rising sign, recognising the houses and their influence or interpreting the planetary placements. Here’s a step-by-step guide to understanding how a Kundli is calculated:

Step 1: Gather birth information such as precise date, time and location

Step 2: Determine the ascendant (rising sign) at the time of the individual’s birth and place

Step 3: Identify the zodiac sign and houses according to birth

Step 4: Using astronomical computations and ephemeris data calculate the planetary positions including the sun and moon

Step 5: Plot the planetary positions in relevant Kundli houses, each in a distinct house

Step 6: Consider the planetary aspects and conjunctions for potential angular relationships and amplified effects

Step 7: Calculate the Dasha system as each planet rules for a set amount of time and the Dasha system provides information on life events and transitions according to that

Once you chat with astrologers, they interpret the Kundli once it has been calculated and plotted. They examine all these steps to provide advice and predictions tailored to each individual’s specific circumstances and life path. 

Note: Since it is a sensitive interpretation, we have written information in the basics and recommend you consult with professional astrologers on Astro India to know about what’s written in your Kundli. 

Interpreted End Note

Kundli is a powerful tool to unblock the mysteries of one’s destiny. From marriage matching to career guidance and personality analysis, Kundli provides help and support to shape life’s complications with clarity of foresight. 

Since ancient times, it has been a generational practice in Indian households with the sole intention of balancing lives with a higher purpose and potential. So, we recommend you chat with the top 10 astrologers in India to know what’s written in the stars for you.

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