Astrology for Full-Time Traders: A Comprehensive Guide For Crypto, Stocks, Futures and Options Trading

By analyzing various astrological charts and planetary positions, traders can make more informed decisions and potentially enhance their success.
Astrology for Full-Time Traders: A Comprehensive Guide For Crypto, Stocks, Futures and Options Trading
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Trading in stocks, futures, crypto, and other markets can be a demanding and risky profession. For those who engage in full-time trading, the stakes are even higher. This article delves into how astrology can provide insights and guidance for full-time traders, helping them navigate the complexities of their profession. By analyzing various astrological charts and planetary positions, traders can make more informed decisions and potentially enhance their success.

Types of Traders

There are three main types of traders:

  1. Occasional Traders: Engage in trading once or twice a month.
  2. Part-Time Traders: Trade daily but not as their primary occupation.
  3. Full-Time Traders: Trade from morning to night, making it their full-time profession.

This guide is specifically tailored for full-time traders whose long-term vision for the next 15-20 years is centered around trading.

Importance of Comprehensive Astrology Analysis

Astrology analysis for full-time traders requires a detailed examination of multiple charts and dasha systems:

  • D1 Chart (Lagna Chart)
  • D9 Chart
  • D10 Chart
  • D45 Chart
  • D60 Chart
  • D30 Chart
  • Normal Dasha
  • Yogini Dasha

Focusing solely on the D1 chart or Lagna chart is insufficient for comprehensive insights. Trading is a profession where consistent profits can be undone by a single significant loss, making detailed astrological analysis crucial.

Key Houses for Full-Time Traders

If you are a full-time trader or aspire to become one, the following houses in your Kundli are crucial:

  1. 2nd House: Represents wealth and financial stability.
  2. 5th House: Governs intelligence, speculative gains, and investments.
  3. 8th House: Relates to sudden gains and losses, transformations, and shared resources.

Additionally, if you are trading with others' money (e.g., from family members or clients), or engaging in zero-sum markets like options, futures, and crypto, the following houses are also important:

  • 6th House: Pertains to debts, services, and financial obligations.
  • 11th House: Indicates day-to-day income and gains.

Essential Planets for Full-Time Traders

For full-time traders, the detailed analysis of certain planets is vital:

  1. Mercury (Budha): Represents intelligence, communication, and analytical skills.
  2. 2nd House Lord: The ruler of the 2nd house influences wealth and financial resources.
  3. 5th House Lord: The ruler of the 5th house affects speculative gains and investments.
  4. Moon (Chandra): Governs the mind, emotions, and decision-making.
  5. Rahu: Associated with ambition, unconventional approaches, and sudden gains.

Conditions for Opting Full-Time Trading

For a trader to consider full-time trading as their profession, certain astrological conditions must be met. If all conditions match, it signifies a favorable astrological setup for trading. If any condition is not met, remedies should be undertaken or full-time trading should be reconsidered.

1. Weak or Neutral 10th House

The first condition is that the 10th house in your Kundli should be weak or neutral. A strong 10th house (with exalted planets) typically indicates a successful career in traditional jobs (9 to 5). For full-time trading, a weak 10th house is preferable as it suggests unconventional career paths.

2. Connection Between 2nd and 5th House Lords

The second condition is a strong connection between the lords of the 2nd and 5th houses. This connection can manifest in several ways:

  • Conjunction: Both lords sitting together in any house.
  • Opposite Rashis: Lords in opposite Rashis.
  • Opposite Houses: Lords in opposite houses.

Such connections signify a strong potential for speculative gains and wealth accumulation through trading.

3. Influence on the 11th House

The third condition involves the 11th house, which represents day-to-day income. This house should be influenced by Rahu, Mercury, or Venus. The presence or aspect (Saatvi Drishti) of these planets in the 11th house indicates a tendency towards quick gains and financial motivation.

4. Strong 6th and 8th Houses for Zero-Sum Markets

For those trading others' money or in zero-sum markets (options, futures, bitcoin, crypto), the condition of the 6th and 8th houses is critical. Indicators of strength in these houses include:

  • 6th House Lord with Jupiter (Guru): Conjunction or direct aspect.
  • 8th House Lord with Jupiter: Conjunction or direct aspect.
  • Ascendant with 6th/8th House Lords: Conjunction or opposition.

A strong 6th and 8th house configuration attracts others to trust you with their money, increasing the likelihood of successful trading.

5. Stability of the Moon

The last condition to consider is the position of the Moon. A weak Moon leads to an unstable mind, which is detrimental to long-term trading. If the Moon is afflicted by Rahu, Ketu, or Shani, remedies are essential. Traders are advised to:

  • Stay Hydrated: Drink around 10 liters of water daily.
  • Eat Less Before Trading: Maintain mental clarity by avoiding heavy meals.
  • Perform Remedies: Strengthen the Moon through astrological remedies.


Full-time trading is a challenging and risky profession, requiring a detailed and comprehensive astrological analysis. By examining various houses and planets in the Kundli, traders can gain insights into their potential for success. This article focuses on the D1 chart, but a thorough analysis should include other charts and dasha systems.

For a detailed and personalized astrological analysis, consult with an experienced astrologer. Visit and subscribe to our newsletter for free to receive daily updates and comprehensive articles on trading astrology and other related topics. By understanding and leveraging astrological insights, you can navigate the complexities of trading and enhance your chances of long-term success.

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