What are Numerology Numbers in Astrology? Know with Astro India

Even numbers can influence your actions to reactions. Join us at Astro India, as we decipher the numerology numbers in Astrology.
What are Numerology Numbers in Astrology? Know with Astro India
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From learning how to count in preschool to solving complex coding algorithms or calculating bills, we are always surrounded by numbers. But did you know? These small digits that surround us are deeply associated with our fate.

Yes, it is connected to the web of cosmic threads which in Astrology is termed as numerology numbers. Today, let’s decipher this ancient maths based on the knowledge of the Vedas to uncover the secrets underlying the numbers that surround our lives.

Understanding Numerology Numbers in Astrology

Numerology numbers are the foundation of metaphysical science with roots in Vedic Astrology. Each numeral from 1 to 9 and even 0 corresponds to certain features and attributes that signify distinct cosmic energies influencing one’s life, decisions, actions and reactions.

Specifically, an individual’s birth date and name provide the basis for numerology calculations, revealing most insights into one’s personality, purpose and karmic lessons. It combines all the associated cosmic numerals to interpret a roadmap that navigates one’s life with clarity.

From Life Path Numbers to Destiny Numbers, each cosmic calculation stands as a window into deeper knowledge that takes you on a journey of self-discovery and personal development. And all this symphonic mathematics is rooted in 5,000 years back of Vedic traditions.

Our sacred ancient books have interpreted the cosmic association of the stars that influence our actions through numbers and divided it into five core principles. Each is associated with one’s life in one way or another and ends with a potential course of action. 

Principles of Numerology Numbers

  • Single-digital Numbers

Vedic Numerology focuses on single-digital numbers that range from 1 to 9 and include 0. Each numerology number in Vedic Astrology prospers a unique property and cosmic vibration.

  • Date of Birth

The birth date is a critical focus point to reveal an individual’s life path number. It provides valuable insights into one's life purpose and potential obstacles.

  • Name Analysis

Analysing the numerical value in one’s name reveals personality qualities and potential roadblocks. It presents a more complete picture of one’s roadmap ahead.

  • Planetary Influence

Celestial bodies, especially the nine planets of Vedic Astrology have a significant impact on people’s lives. It influences all their personalities and events which have always been learning in the basics of Astrology. 

  • Remedies

Vedic Numerology numbers then provide remedies to mitigate negative impacts. It may range from wearing specific gemstones to performing rituals and making lifestyle adjustments. 

Also, when talking about planets, each numerology number from 1 to 9 corresponds with a certain planet. When you chat with the top 10 astrologers in India you can always see planetary calculations as it helps obtain better insights into personality qualities and cosmic influence. 

Associated Planets with Numerology Numbers

  • Sun = 1

The Sun denotes individuality and power-seeking attitudes

  • Moon = 2 

The Moon reflects on compassion, sensitivity and creativity

  • Jupiter = 3

Jupiter represents intelligence, spiritual striving and critical thinking

  • Rahu = 4

The Rahu embodies revolt, materialism and secrecy

  • Mercury = 5 

Mercury symbolises quick wit, communication skills and intelligence

  • Venus = 6

Venus signifies beauty, passion and artistic impulses

  • Ketu = 7

The Ketu depicts spirituality, intuition and detachment

  • Saturn = 8

Planet Saturn stands for knowledge, fairness and gradual but steady growth

  • Mars = 9

Mars implies anger courage and fearlessness

And, Zero (0) denotes ego or self, also holds equal spiritual importance.

All these numbers are practically applicable in our everyday decisions like choosing a vehicle or its number or even the house number. To make informed decisions that are in line with cosmic energies, these numerology numbers come into action to calculate the planetary correlations. 

It then classifies these numerals into three distinct associations: 

  • Psychic Number

It is derived from the date of birth that reflects intrinsic proclivities regulated by specific planets (numerology numbers)

  • Destiny Number

It is derived from the whole date of birth, providing insights into life’s ultimate purpose and direction

  • Name Number

Calculated by adding the numerical values of the alphabet in one’s name to obtain insights into their prospective obstacles and traits

As mentioned before, date of birth and name will always be prioritised to calculate numerology numbers. It provides a better understanding of one’s life by analysing the alignment of ruling numbers and important planets in their Kundli

Chat With Astrologers on Astro India

Vedic numerology is inextricably linked with Astrology, which is why we recommend to chat with Astrologers on Astro India. You will get professional insights into understanding the interaction of planetary influences with your life and your cosmic written destiny. 

And, numerology numbers act like threats in the fabric of our destiny. Its ancient calculation and profound insights provide a guiding light for navigating through life. Understanding this cosmic dance of numbers and planets will help you unlock several mysteries in your existence. 

It gives you a purpose and clarity that harmonises your life’s roadmap with the cosmic universe. So, to start a journey of self-discovery and spiritual progress guided by the wisdom of the past, chat with astrologers and learn what your numerology number has to say about your life’s path.

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