Why Chat With Astrologer Online Free to Avoid Planetary Health Issues?

Discover why chat with Astrologer online free is one significant modern-tech remedy to health issues caused by unfavourable planetary positions in Kundli or birth chart.
Why Chat With Astrologer Online Free to Avoid Planetary Health Issues?
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In our busy schedules of bustling cities, health often takes a backseat in our lives. Even though our body goes through several obstacles every day from temperature fluctuations, intense body pain and excursion to the mental stress of work, college or household chores.

Moreover, adding to the problems are pollution and poor eating habits, emphasising the need for extra effort to take care of our health. But did you know, all these happenings are influenced by planetary positions present in your birth chart or Kundli? Well, yes!

And, according to Astrology, planetary influences can either benefit or harm our health. This means it is important to rectify the Doshas present in one’s Kundli. For anyone struggling with any such problem, we recommend you at least have a chat with Astrologer online free

This will help you gain significant insights into your health issues and also learn more about what’s written in your birth chart. Before you approach to chat with an astrologer, let’s learn a little about planetary influences, to give you a pre-understanding of the concept. 

Planetary Influences on Health

The positions of the planets at the time of our birth have a substantial impact on our lives and overall well-being. The alignment of Grahas and Nakshatras in our Kundli indicates which planet benefits us and which may constitute a threat, causing several health issues. 

This is why the unfavourable alignment of planets leads to health problems that sometimes even last throughout lifetimes. Since each planet oversees certain bodily systems and organs, here’s how their impact might emerge as the following health issues:

  • Surya (Sun)

It symbolises vitality and vigour. It presents concern about the stomach, heart and vigour. 

  • Chandra (Moon)

It controls emotions and mental health. It may impact on lungs, blood and overall well-being.

  • Mangal (Mars)

It affects physical strength and courage. Its existence indicates blood-related illness and physical limitations. 

  • Budh (Mercury)

It governs communication and intellectual ability. It affects the nervous system and may cause extreme mental illnesses. 

  • Guru (Jupiter)

It impacts on intelligence, knowledge and prosperity. It is associated with the liver and kidneys and also abnormal weight gain. 

  • Shukra (Venus)

It represents love, beauty and sensuality. It poses a threat to throat, gland and urinary issues. 

  • Shani (Saturn)

It represents discipline, duty and obstacles in life. Its presence indicates bones, joints and physical frailty. 

  • Rahu

Rahu presents material ambitions and worldly cravings. It poses health emergencies, chronic illnesses, allergies and several inexplicable symptoms.

  • Ketu

Ketu indicates detachment, spirituality and karmic teachings. It impacts insomnia, digestive problems, neurological difficulties and immune system deficits. 

All planets are strongly related to human chakras, which represent energy centres in the body. A healthy planetary alignment ensures that these chakras work properly, promoting overall health, for example:

  • The Muladhara or Root Chakra is related to the sun and affects flesh, muscles and bones
  • The Svadhisthana or Sacral Chakra is associated with the Moon and influences the liver, hips and hormones

Astrological remedies can help to align these chakras and correct health imbalances. Here are a few ways to implement Astrology as a remedy:

  • Gemstone therapy to balance planetary energy
  • Yoga, meditation and fasting to harmoise the body and mind
  • Practicing charity and suggested Astrological rituals
  • Chat with Astrologer online free to get personalised insights
  • Placing Astrological Yantras to balance planetary influences

Importance of Chat with Astrologer Online Free for Remedies

With the advancement in technology, obtaining Astrology guidance has become easier than ever. There are leading top 5 Astrology platforms offering users to chat with Astrologer online free, boasting Astrology experts with significant knowledge in the sector. 

Doing so helps to take proactive steps and protect the health and overall well-being by aligning with the stars. So, with the convenience of online platforms, one can also consult with any Astrologer at every step of the way, for every hurdle, anytime and from anywhere. 

Also, chat with Astrologer online free for health insights is understandable but accordingly, take medical counsel to deal with the problems. Astrological therapies are a supplement guiding you with problems, remedies and gemstones, but the next step of execution should be medical. 

Achieving holistic well-being becomes realistic when medical science and Astrological expertise are combined appropriately.

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