Vastushastra is not a magical or occult science, but can be consider as a corrective science if applied judiciously. It should not be mistaken to be a vidya (knowledge) that offers solutions to everyday problems of life, because there is none. Vastushastra is a science of designing spaces, the oldest and highest form of architecture holistic, logical and very effective. Its principles were derived thousands of years ago and are valid even today. It replicates in a structure the same harmony that exists in the cosmos and keeps it going like clockwork, maintain the equilibrium of the planets ant the stars, and sustains life on earth and takes evolution forward. Nature is at peace with itself. Peace in this context means doing the most intense action while remaining calm inside. Vastushastra designs a Bahyakash (an outer space) that brings calm and at peace, the mind is calm, the intellect is sharp, the intuitive faculties perform better, one can study better, sleep better, remain healthy, take appropriate decisions in business and life, and grow richer financially and socially.

The practice of Vastu, therefore, is about understanding the casual relationship between energy and form, between the shape, size and directions; then to use mathematical calculations to design spaces that have the vibrations of the required oriented, curative, judicial, government, defensive, productive, industrial, domestic etc.

A Vastu practitioner is a Brahma in his own way, for he is carving living space out of emptiness. It is a delicate and pious task, a job that needs special skill sets. The conditions for being a Vastu practioner are tough. Besides knowing the nuances of the aspirant who is also learned, humble at peace with himself, not freedy, benevolent, doing works and deeds of charity, traveling to tirths, having complete charity of thought, confident, in command of his surroundings, a whishipper of the divine.

blossom, where we can act seated in consciousness and inner strength, where we are free from all selfish and egoistic movements, where we care for each other and love becomes the uniting thread for all humans.

Yes : P.Khurrana Management Astrologer is associated with big film producers and also national & international companies. He offers expert guidance in finalising the business pattern, partnership in associated with others; selection of site and name of organisation.

We are the world's oldest surviving repository of ancient wisdom, and we must also take the initiative of utilizing this wisdom. Those who reckon Vastushastra in line with hindutva and bhagva must grow out of the frigid mindset of blocking all that is good in the name of secularism, rise above this nonsense and pave way for townships, housing, universities and institutions of learning, public buildings, etc. because sooner or later the rest of the world will do the same.

Vastushastra Theory & Practice

Life, though beyond logic, is certainly not illogical. Life descends from immensity that is an ocean of logic. But, this immensity itself is infinity so far away from man's comprehension that it makes him wonder whether the life itself is beyond logic.

Minute microscopic human thoughts cannot find cosmic link. Holistic existence can create contradictions with logic, the all-purpose source of life. Traditional Vaastu-shastra provides certain rigid

principles which are applicable to every class of people which seems illogical. How a particala direction can be auspicious for everyday. Astrology gives an insight into general remedies in terms of individuals direction (in accordance with horoscope), elements, colours, wind, light, stones, metals, plants, mystic surves which lead to positive vibration & Success. Needless to say that when Astrology is combined with Vaastu it can create an environment where one can blossom and gets inner strength. The magic of Astrological Vaastu leads to spiritual prosperity, peace & happiness.

Water, wind, light, stones, metals, plants herbs, pyramids, crystals, colours, helix, mystic curves serve as catalysts in Vastushastra for rectifying the cosmic alignment on the basis of horoscope of an individual. Changes brought about in the holistic existence of man by these remedial measures guide him to positive relationships, satisfaction in all his endeavours, happiness, bliss and grace.

Jyotisha (astrology) and Yogashastra are prerequisites for learning Vastushastra. Cosmos is divided into 27 parts known as constellations. These constellations are classified on the basis of five great elements and planets. The virtues and vices of five great elements are reflected in certain earthly entities like plants, colours, metals and gems that are under the influences of constellations. The relationship of directions with plants, colours, metals, stones gives great victory and multiple dimensions to Vastu remedial measures. A new momentum is imparted to cosmic rhythm, directional frequencies and natural synchronies through these corrective actions. An individual is then freed of his old reference and exposed to fresh reality. Vastushastra blesses him with a new direction in life, fresh span and a unique axis of reference.

Astrology has been used for understanding and predicting an individual's destiny has also been extensively referred to for pinpointing the state of mind and body of a person, including any disease, afflictions and handicaps. Since Vastushastras treats any relevance of astrology to gain insight into the physical state of a Vastu. The starting point for astrology is defining the positions of planets in specific directions, while Vastushastra analysis has Vastu-directions, while Vastushastra analysis has Vastu- directions as the operating factor. Thus a common platform for both these disciplines is easily established.

An extensive study of hundreds of dwellings reveals that horoscope of an individual plays an important role for the rehabilitation in a particular house; their living conditions career; family business & prosperity. The approach of theoretical part of Vaastu is a confusing scenario. In horoscope the accident & fourth house reveals the Vaastu situation of an individual.