Vastu & Management Astrology

From the time immemorial astrology has been regarded applicable only for individuals ; like men and women. The kings and royal families generally engage a family astrologer for day to day counselling and future guidance.


In today stress prone world Vastu & Management astrology can definitely be useful for big-budget films, large business houses and the corporate.

P.Khurrana, Management Astrologer is quite competent to ascertain :

  • The nature of your employee; whether he will stay or he/she has a job hopping tendency ?
  • How far your executive in loyal towards your organisation ?
  • The potential and capability of person ?
  • Is he responsible ?
  • Is he dependable at the time of crisis ?

Yes : P.Khurrana Management Astrologer is associated with big film producers and also national & international companies. He offers expert guidance in finalising the business pattern, partnership in associated with others; selection of site and name of organisation.

Why 30% units or films meet Disaster ?

Of course : it is because of wrong decision.