P.Khurrana as a Guest of Honour, inaugurating a function by lightening the lamp.

P Khurrana as a Guest of Honour with famous politician, Sushma Swaraj

P.Khurrana as a Guest of Honour, at a function. Former Finance Minister S.Beant Singh was a chief Guest.

P.Khurrana delivering a lecture on "Motivation" at Rotary Club, New Delhi.

P.Khurrana presently his book "LOVE"-Singns" to famous music director Uttam Singh of Dil Waly Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

P.Khurrana as a Guest of Honour at a function. Actor Vishwajeet Chiaf Guest sitting with him.

P.Khurrana giving consulation to his cliants in a popular show-oom at Delhi.

P.Khurana giving performance on EE (Punjabi) Stare Ki Kehnde Ne.

P.Khurana attending the press-confrence on the launch of his talk-show.

P.Khurana as Guest of Honour delivering a lecture at afunction. Former M.P. from Chandigarh Mr. Satya Pal Jain looks on who was chief Guest.

Humble welcome of P. Khurrana as guest of honor

P.Khurana in his office.

A talk-show on Astrology for Sahara channel "KYA KEHTE HEIN SITTARE".

Performing a talk-show "Jyotish-India" for a City Channel.

P.Khurana as a Chief Guest at a function in Mumbai ata Dina Nath Mangeshwar Hall.

P.Khurrana as a chief guest at a famous show room "EBONY" at Ludhiana, giving away prizes to the winners.

P.Khurana at a press conference on the occasion of release of his book.

P.Khurana, delievering a lecture as Chief Guest at a function.

P.Khurana in a famous book-store of Mumbai "CROSS-ROAD" attending to his clients.

P.Khurana with famous comedian-actor Jaspal Bhatti on the eve of release of his book.

P.Khurana at a press conference at the release at the release of his book "SUN-SIGNS".